Debt Collection Bury St Edmunds

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Debt Collection Bury St Edmunds

Bury St Edmunds is the largest town in West Suffolk and has been known to be the cultural and retail centre of the county. The town has a population of over 41,000 people.

The main strength to come out of the town is its strong diversity of businesses, with around 12 businesses parks and industrial estates located in Bury St Edmunds.

The town is famous for manufacturing and producing Branston Pickle and is home to the nation’s largest British-owned brewery. The brewery in question is owned by pub retail giants, Greene King.

Over recent years, it has become an increasing problem for businesses and private individuals in Bury St Edmunds to experience problems with debts.

At Debt Collection Norwich, we have provided a localised Debt Collection Agency referral service to those in Bury St Edmunds for many years. This is due to the short distance down the A11 from our head offices in the centre of Norwich.

We have extensive industry experience providing debt collection agency referrals to business or individuals in Norwich and the surrounding areas. Our free service is a necessity if you want to instruct a Professional Debt Collection Agency to recover your money.

Here is a list of scenarios for when you could be owed money in Bury St Edmunds:

  • Owed Money By A Friend, Family Member or Partner
  • Business Clients Not Paying Their Invoices On Time Or At All
  • Someone From Another Country Owing You Money
  • Absconded Tenants Who Have Not Paid Their Rent
  • Customers Not Paying For Goods Or Services

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Debt Collector Bury St Edmunds

If you are experiencing a problem debtor, it is vital that you take the right steps to ensure you get your money back quickly and efficiently. Taking too long to do so will create difficulties for your cash flow.

Around 82% of small businesses are estimated to fail as a direct result of cash flow issues, which should show how crucial it is that you take steps as to not prolong your debt recovery.

In this article, we have put together our recommendations for Commercial, Private and International Debt needs to guide you whilst searching for a collection’s agency.

All of the agencies that we recommend ensure no existing relationships are jeopardised.

Commercial Debt Collection Bury St Edmunds

In any businesses there will come a time where it will experience the difficulties of a client that will not pay for services or goods on time or at all. This usually comes in the form of a payment dispute or missed payment date on an invoice.

Problems like this are usually resolved quickly through in-house Credit Control teams. When a client does not pay at all, this is when it is time to get in contact with a professional Commercial Debt Collection agency.

Our recommended partner for the recovery of Business Debts is Federal Management, who has been the leading Commercial Debt Collection Agency since 2004.

Throughout their long history, they have provided services to a large variety of sectors, working with large PLC’s to small SME’s across the UK.

As part of the industry-leading service that Federal Management’s team of experts carry out, they offer the industry’s highest recovery rates on undisputed debts, with low commission rates to complement this.

This ensures the creditor gets the most efficient and cost-effective service possible, whilst maximising the potential for a successful return.

They also offer the following attributes as part of their service:

  • Commercial Legal Team To Deal With Disputes & Mediation
  • High Court Enforcement & Field Collection Officers
  • No Collection Means No Costs To Pay!
  • Free and Frank Pre-Action Risk
  • Approved and Authorised By The FCA
Debt Collection Bury St Edmunds

Private Debt Collection Bury St Edmunds

There are many different sectors that can face the difficulties of Private Debts, such as Trade Associations, Insurance Companies, Builders and Tradesmen, Law Firms and many more.

Shockingly, around 50,000 smaller businesses in the UK must close as result of bad debts every year.

For the recovery of Private Debts, our recommended Debt Collection Agency is Frontline Collections. Since 2005, they have provided the UK’s leading Private Debt Collection solution, recovering millions of pounds every year.

Frontline Collections have gathered a strong portfolio of clients throughout the years, working with high profile clients such as Independent Schools, Dental Practices, Veterinary Practices and Nurseries.

As part of their UK and world-class service, they provide the following:

  • High Collection Rates and Low Commission Rates
  • On Average 90% Recovery Rate on Undisputed Debts
  • Over 15+ Years Industry Expertise Across Most Private Sectors
  • Members Of The Credit Services Association
  • Gold Preferred Suppliers With The Independent Schools Association

International Debt Collection Bury St Edmunds

Experiencing debts can be an extremely stressful exercise, but when your debtors are based abroad this can make you feel even worse about the situation.

We have helped many clients that have shown uneasiness surrounding the recovery of international debts, fearing that they are unable to be collected due to the distance – this is never the case!

For the collection of International Debts, we recommend Frontline Collections.

Frontline Collections provide a one-stop solution for all businesses and private individuals that are experiencing unpaid debts from overseas. With industry-leading success rates across the board, they offer a low-cost and fully-inclusive service.

There are many other benefits to using Frontline Collections, such as:

  • FREE initial assessment & investigation
  • Proactive and Professional approach
  • High Overseas Debt Collection Success Rates
  • International Network of Trusted Agents

Debt Collection Bury St Edmunds – What To Do Next

If you have made it to the end of this article, you should be aware of the best recommendations for Debt Collection in Bury St Edmunds.

At Debt Collection Norwich, we provide the first choice for all your Debt Collection Agency referral needs.

As we are members of the UK Debt Collection Bureau, we will recommend only the top organisations that share the same ethics and views as ourselves.

All our partners are award-winning agencies, with long histories providing the only solution for Debt Collection in Norwich.

Get in contact with our expert team today to get your money collected.

Have Any Questions About Collecting Debt In Bury St Edmunds? Get In Contact With Our Experts Now!

Our recommended team of Debt Collection Experts are happy to help with your enquiries.

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